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The International Baccalaureate curriculum is a fundamental component of the RAS High School curriculum.

Those students who are successful in accepting the challenge, are awarded an IB Diploma in addition to the the RAS High School Diploma.
IB Results at RAS!


Students are encouraged to develop independent learning and critical thinking skills which prepare them for higher education and employment.

At RAS we offer students the opportunity to study for the International Baccalaureate Diploma in addition to the RAS High School Diploma. Thus, we are delighted to report that RAS had another successful year with the IB Diploma program as 10 out of 11 students (91%) were awarded full IB diplomas (compared to the world average of 78%), while all our 2014 graduates earned IB certificates in one or more courses (with a total of 119 subject entries). The average grade by students who passed the diploma was 5 (out of 7) – where a 4 is considered a pass – and this is above the world mean of 4.66. Special commendation must go to two students – one of whom earned a staggering total of 41 points, and another, a similarly outstanding 40 points (24 points is a pass). We are, of course, proud of all our students and excited to see RAS graduates moving on to take up places in prestigious colleges and universities around the world; we wish them every success in their future studies.

For more information on recognition please refer to the IBO website.

Georg Fimpel – with 41 points on his IB Diploma – is definitely ‘going places’! However, Georg is not rushing off to university immediately. He will take time away from studying to work as an intern back home in Germany. There, he will gain experience in a variety of domains, including engineering, medicine, and the environment. These will help him decide on his future career. He plans to apply to attend university next year.
Fatin Daud, who also gained 33 points on her IB Diploma, has earned a place at the International Medical University in Malaysia where she will major as Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. (MBBS) Fatin is also very happy to have qualified to do her last two years of clinical practice in either Australia, the US or Canada.
Ismail Laraqui earned 33 IB Diploma points and he aspires to become a fashion designer, after studying at the acclaimed London College of Fashion in the UK.
In 2015 and 2016 we have more students entered for the full IB Diploma than ever before. Our commitment at RAS to offering students an all-round educational experience combined with our aim to enable our students to reach their full academic potential, goes hand in hand with the philosophy of the IB. Academic success is interwoven with the development of key learning skills, independent thinking and flexibility of mind. These traits are exactly what universities and colleges look for in their prospective students. The IB helps develop the personal passion, drive and commitment towards meeting challenges that enables students to be fully prepared for higher education, a wide variety of careers, and for life.
For further information about the IB program at RAS, please follow the link on our school website or contact the IB coordinator, Claire Mkinsi.
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