Learning in a World Community

The Rabat American School is an independent college preparatory day school.

RAS offers a rigorous Pre K – Grade 12 American curriculum with the International Baccalaureate Diploma for the high school students.


Welcome to RAS Admissions!

Our faculty has teaching experience in diverse countries and our students represent over 44 nationalities. Our diversity and our rich curriculum prepare students for higher education by inspiring academic excellence, intellectual curiosity, effective communication, service and integrity.

RAS, founded in 1962, is fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges (MSA) K-12, and authorized by the International Baccalaureate (IB) for grades 11 & 12. RAS is also a member of the Mediterranean Association of International Schools (MAIS), European Council of International Schools (ECIS), and the IB, which keeps it in close contact with other international schools.

You are invited to join us by exploring the RAS website to learn about academics, student life, as well as the admissions process. While our website provides a great deal of information about the school community, we recognize that it is also important to see a school in person. To be able to give you the time you need, we request that you schedule an appointment in advance by contacting the Admissions Office.

RAS has experienced significant growth in recent years. As a result, it is not uncommon for us to have waiting lists. Parents are strongly encouraged to complete the applications as early as possible. Students placed on the waiting list will be admitted as space becomes available, based on the school admissions policies.

Thank you for visiting our website and I look forward to working with you throughout the admissions process.


Btissam Touijer
Admissions / Development Officer

RAS has a rolling admissions policy. There is not a set admissions deadline.

When families learn about their relocation to Rabat, it is important to submit the required application documents and make the application fee payment. Our goal is to make the process as straightforward as possible.

Click below to find out more about the 3-step process.

  • STEP 1: Application
    In order to begin the admissions process, it is essential that we receive the following:

    Please note that until all required documentation is submitted and the application fee paid, the application cannot be fully processed.

    • School and Parent Agreement
    • A completed Application for Admission Form
    • One Recent Photo
    • Copy of Photo Page of Passport or Birth Certificate
    • Last three years of school report cards
      (English translation required)
    • Permission to Release Student Information Form
    • Elementary School Student Reference Form (Applicants for Grades Pre K-5)
    • Official High School Transcript  (Applicants for Grades 10-12)
    • Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Standardized Test Scores (when applicable)
    • Results of any Special Academic or Psychological Evaluation
    Application Fee – $400

    The application fee is a non refundable payment that covers the administrative costs for the application process. The application fee can be paid in cash or check at the RAS Business Office or paid using Paypal.

  • STEP 2: Admissions Decision
    RAS Admission and placement will be finalized after the review of the complete application, evaluation of records and references from previous schools, admission assessments and parent administrative interview with the Principal.

    The school has a set of admission assessments for each age group that will guide the admissions team to determine whether the school can meet the applicant’s need, and, if so, the grade or program in which he or she should be placed.

    For all applicants, if they are not available for testing in the spring (April/May), testing will be scheduled the week preceding school entry (Mid August).

    We will contact you with the school’s admissions decision as well as information about next steps. For more details, please read the following

    Admissions Guidelines

    The objective of RAS is to provide education in English following an American educational philosophy, particularly to students who have no national schooling option in Rabat. Applicants meeting the academic, behavioral and linguistic standards of RAS will be admitted in the following order:

    1. Official U.S. dependents who parents or guardians are employed by or under contract with the U.S. Government.
    2. Dependents of other U.S. Citizens.
    3. Dependents of officials employed by 3rd country diplomatic corps, U.N., European Union or similar organizations.
    4. Dependents of other 3rd country nationals who meet the language requirement and/or have previously been enrolled in an English language based program.
    5. Host country nationals who have previously been enrolled in an English language based program.
    6. Other students who have need, and have the capacity and desire for this form of education.

    All admissions are conditional for one year after which the student’s progress and the school’s ability to meet his/her needs will be reviewed.

  • STEP 3: Preparing for the first day of school
    If your child is accepted, you will receive a checklist of any remaining documentation required before the first day of school. This list will include:
    • Student Medical History Form
    • Bus Service Application
If you have any questions about any aspect of this process, please contact the admissions officer.

As you begin the process of application, please take a few moments to read the following important information about required school reports, English as an Additional Language (EAL) and Special Education.

Your child’s school reports are key to helping us make the right admissions decision. Any application to Elementary, Middle or High School should be accompanied with the last three years of school reports, plus any reports received during the current school year.

Lower Elementary School applications (Preschool – grade 2) should be accompanied by up to 2 years of school reports, depending on the length of time the student has been in school.
High School applications (grades 10-12) should  be accompanied by a high school transcript.
If your child has had any external assessment, standardized testing reports, or formal evaluations (for example: speech and language, psycho-educational, occupational therapy, etc.), please include them with your application.
In order to process your application, RAS requires that an application be submitted in English. All non-English supporting documents should be accompanied by an English translation.
It is very important for us to have the latest information about the learning profile of your child.   Parents are therefore required to submit to the Admissions Office any reports received subsequent to acceptance.

RAS serves a diverse community of learners from many cultural and national backgrounds.The language of instruction is English, but some new students may have limited facility with this language.

Our goal is develop the students’ abilities to achieve academic success without additional support in the regular classroom setting and help them become successful independent learners. To achieve this goal, students must acquire academic language skills in all domains: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The English as an Additional Language (EAL) program is designed to help these students achieve this goal.

Prior to a recommendation for admission, the Child Support Team (CST) for grades K-5 and the Student Support Team (SST) for grades 6-12 will evaluate all potential EAL students. In order to ensure their success in a demanding academic environment, EAL students will be accepted in Kindergarten through middle school depending on the level of their academic English, native language literacy and their academic school records.

Students recommended for the beginning level of EAL shall be admitted if an appropriate program can be developed to meet the needs of the student and the school. To meet the linguistic and cognitive demands in the secondary school, new students in high school must already possess an advanced level of English in order to be admitted. Please note that students admitted in grades 10 -12 should be independent of EAL support.

EAL students at all levels shall be accepted on a probationary basis for the first two (2) trimesters of attendance. The CST or SST shall determine whether or not a student has demonstrated a reasonable rate of progress and the motivation necessary to acquire English proficiency. If the regular curriculum and the available EAL support cannot meet an EAL student’s needs, the CST or SST may recommend that the student not continue at RAS. The student’s parents will be notified of the recommendation by the end of the second trimester of the school year.

RAS does not offer a program for students who have come from self-contained special education programs or who have had a private assistant in the classroom at another school.

The child study team and administration will determine whether a student’s special education needs can be met within the context of the school. When a student’s special needs are known, the parents are required to provide all copies of all reports and evaluations related to the child’s diagnosis.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is the school day?
    School starts at 8:20 am and ends at 3:30 pm.
  • How does my child get to and from school?
    Some parents drive their children to school themselves and others choose the school bus. Families must fully complete the application, and attach a google map. Bus service, if space is available, will commence 48 hours after receipt of complete application.
  • Does RAS have waiting lists?
    Yes, as with many international schools around the world, demand can fluctuate and is often high. This means that, at the time you apply, our classes may be full. In these cases, we open a waiting list for the class concerned. The admissions officer will be happy to explain to you how we operate our waiting list at RAS.
  • Does RAS offer merit scholarships?
    No, we are unable to offer any type of scholarships.
  • Is financial aid available towards the cost of tuition fees?
    No, we are unable to offer financial aid. The only exception is when an RAS family is experiencing  financial hardship and they have a child enrolled in Grades 11 or 12.
  • How long will I have to wait before I know that my child has been accepted to RAS?
    We encourage families to apply as soon as they learn of their assignment to Rabat. The review of the complete applications received and assessments will take place place in the spring (April/May). We will do our best to provide families with a decision  by Mid June. In some instances, we will not be to able to provide final admissions decision until as late as August.
  • My child has specific learning needs. How do I know whether these will be met?
    RAS has very limited learning support available. When a student’s special needs are known, the parents are required to provide all copies of all reports and evaluations related to the child’s diagnosis. The sooner you can let us have all the relevant information about your child, the sooner we will be able to let you know whether your child’s special education needs can be met within the context of the school.

Do you have a question that is not covered here?

We invite you to contact the Admissions Officer and she will do her best to provide you with the information that you need.
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