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on November 17, 2016 Learning with 0 comments

pf1At the invitation of the Grade 7 students, I wandered into Shakespeare Garden this morning to see their Pond Fair, an investigation into the health of the school pond! Groups of students were presenting their findings to teachers, parents and other students: as well as oral presentations, visitors could use microscopes and examine data on laptops. It was wonderful to see the students so engaged in their learning, and sharing it with others.

A real bonus when I walked into Shakespeare Garden was to find the Grade 10 English Literature class: according to Ms Mkinsi, “their current unit of study is ‘Tragedy’ and in addition to understanding the origins of tragic drama, the students are exploring hoor2w belief systems are transmitted through literature and why we are fascinated by misfortune. Students are directing and performing Oedipus Rex by Sophocles, to better understand the logistical challenges of performance.”

I look forward to seeing what happens with both the health of the pond and the performances of Sophocles!

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