Learning in a World Community

We offer an American style, USA accredited, university preparatory, and student-centered education in English.

At the Rabat American School, we welcome motivated students from all national, religious, and ethnic backgrounds to learn together in a community-based environment of friendship, mutual respect, and understanding.
Our well-structured and balanced curriculum promotes critical thinking, effective communication, intellectual curiosity, creativity, and the desire for lifelong learning.

RAS programs, including the International  Baccalaureate, are regularly reviewed to maintain academic and instructional excellence. We provide our students with a breadth of experiences which encourage them to realize their full potential and allow them to acquire  the knowledge, skills, character, and confidence to contribute positively and responsibly to an ever-changing, interconnected world.


What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is the recognition that a school has achieved a level of quality as determined by the evaluation of twelve standards set by an accrediting agency.

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  • What is Accreditation for Growth?

    AFG is a process to maintain accreditation. The school’s strengths and areas for potential growth have been identified and action plans created to ensure continued student improvement in selected areas.

  • Who is involved?
    Everyone! The AFG process requires participation from all groups within the school community. Students, parents, teachers, staff from all areas of the school, administrators, and Board members have been involved. The AFG Leadership Team used survey input and other evaluation data from all stakeholder groups to develop AFG plans for our school.
  • AFG Student Objectives
    Much of our school’s energy over the course of seven years will be directed towards two measurable objectives designed to improve student learning. Our Action Plans will focus on improving programs and instructional strategies to help students: • Improve their language skills across the curriculum. • Increase respectful behaviors, global citizenship, and motivation towards academic excellence.
  • Measurements
    A variety of assessments will continue to be used on a yearly basis to measure student growth in the two objectives. Some are standardized tests, surveys for students and parents, statistics regarding punctual attendance, and rubrics designed by RAS staff to meet the standards and benchmarks of our curriculum.
  • Action Plans and Timelines
    Detailed action plans outline the specific activities RAS will initiate and maintain over the next seven years. These plans are designed to ensure continued improvements in learning in the student objective areas.
  • Standards
    The twelve standards required by the accrediting agency are based on research and reflect current best practice in education. They serve as quality guides that should be in place in an accredited school such as RAS. A review of these standards occurred early in the AFG process. Through the use of surveys, strengths and areas of concern or potential growth were identified.
  • AFG Leadership Team
    The Leadership Team is charged with overseeing the entire AFG process. The dedicated members come from various groups within the RAS community. Board members, parents, administrators, students, school staff, and teachers are represented on this team.

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  • Validation Team
    In November 2006, five educators evaluated our school and provided feedback to ensure that we met the standards and that we have a viable plan for continuous school improvement. This team made a recommendation to Middles States Association of Colleges and Schools that we be reaccredited. In 2009, RAS underwent our mid-term review to ensure compliance with the AFG goals and accreditation. We passed with flying colors. Next steps will be reaccreditation in 2013.

Graduates of an accredited school qualify for admission to universities and colleges.

RAS was first accredited by Middle States Association in 1985.

Rabat American School Grades PK-12 has demonstrated that it is effectively advancing the quality of educational experiences it offers its students and meets its responsibilities to the public and the profession of education, and complies with standards for accreditation that are established by the Middles States Association of Colleges and Schools and is therefore granted accreditation for the period May 1, 2014 to May 1, 2021. 

Learning in a World Community

The Rabat American School believes that education is a shared responsibility of administration, faculty, students, parents, and the school community.

Accreditation for Growth ensures that every individual in the school community has an opportunity to offer input, allowing RAS to provide the best possible education for each and every child.

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