Learning in a World Community

The Rabat American School is located in the pleasant coastal city of Rabat, Morocco, in the northwest corner of Africa.

Just across the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain, Morocco has long been a crossroads of culture. With a population of around 1.7 million, the capital city Rabat reflects the influence of the Middle East, Africa, and Europe

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Rabat is home to many national embassies, local and international NGOs, and some national and international business and manufacturing.

The main “industry” is government and services. Reflecting Morocco’s tolerant Muslim society, Rabat welcomes both tourists and foreign residents, who generally feel safe and at home here. They are able to join Moroccans in enjoying beaches, mountains, desert, centuries-old cities, and a culture that dates back to the Carthaginians and before.

Located on 6.5 acres in the centre of Rabat, landscaping and green spaces make the campus an inviting space, one conducive to academic, athletic and social development. Plans are underway for the development of a new campus within the next two to three years.
Our open green spaces are used as a classroom, connecting students with the natural world and teaching them valuable skills that integrate with their learning, such as math, science, art, health and physical education, and social studies, as well as personal and social responsibility.

Teachers take reading outdoors!

You find students in the Shakespeare garden enjoying the sounds of nature and a good book!
The pond is a draw to our young students; they enjoy exploring pond life that includes water lilies, plants, algae, fish, turtles, and many other organisms. Our teachers use the pond for various educational activities.



RAS provides age appropriate playground areas for lower and upper elementary students.

Playing outdoors is a form of exercise that promotes the well-being and wholesomephysical development of our students.

Tables and Umbrellas

Important life skills are learned through engagement in sports and we are proud of our traditionof offering a rich athletics program and an inclusive ultra mural sports program.
Our facilities include a 25-meter pool, gymnasium, outdoor fields, gymnastics rooms, and fitness center. RAS families enjoy the use of these facilities after school and on the weekends.

RAS facilities include:

A preschool classroom, an administration building, two libraries, an auditorium, media and science laboratories, art and music rooms and elementary, middle and high school classrooms. In addition to the fields and gymnasium, the facilities also include a kitchen, cafeteria, and a nurse’s office.
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