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Date: January 9, 2020

Time: 6-7pm

Title: "The Tea" on Social Media Awareness

Kids today are being faced with a harsh reality that many generations before them have never experienced before; a reality that has a potential long-lasting damaging effects on teenagers emotionally, physically, and academically. Students are being exposed to a wide range of content as they work and play online with platforms such as snapchat and Instagram. We encourage every parent to a part of proactive efforts to be educated on the use of social media accounts; learning the ins and outs of popular social platforms, discover various other apps students use, and have an awareness of the dangers of social media in the lives of our youth. Join Katie Cahill, RAS Elementary Teacher, for this  important workshop on social media awareness. 

Target Audience: All School

Location: Auditorium

Date: January 16, 2020

Time: 6 - 7:30pm

Title: Introduction to the IBDP Program / University Admissions Evening

What is the IB Diploma Programme? What are the different components of the program? What is the educational philosophy of the program? What are the attributes of a successful IBDP student? What are the challenges of the program? Why is it an outstanding program to prepare students for university and life? A 30 minute general overview will be provided. A future night in February will delve into the IBDP program specifics - which is aimed at our current Grade 10's and their parents to kick of their IB registration for next year.

Then stay and join us for an informative session about the post secondary application process at Rabat American School. How does RAS support each student to submit a strong application as they pursue their post secondary ambitions? USA, Canada, UK, and the Netherlands university systems will be covered, along with how RAS transcripts, predicted IBDP grades, and teacher/ counselor letters of recommendation are all used in the process. RAS university application policies and procedures will be covered in this session. Hope to see many of you there, and bring your questions!

Target Audience: Secondary School 

Location: Auditorium 


Date: January 30, 2020

Time: 6-7pm

Title: Elementary Literacy Learning

Curious about the learning experiences your child is having during their school-day? Ever wonder how you can get a window into how and why we design our reading and writing instruction? We are excited to share our passion and expertise with you through an interactive session focused on reading and writing instruction in the elementary at RAS! The session is presented by: Katie Culley, Elementary Teacher, Grade 2, Carson LeMaster, Librarian and Katie Koenig, Elementary School Principal. 

Target Audience: Elementary School

Location: Library