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Integrating Culture Effectively in the Language Class

Date: March 9, 2021 

Time: 6-7pm 

Title: Integrating Culture Effectively in the Language Class

Presented by: Taoufiq Cherkaoui, Leader of Secondary World Languages & Teacher of Arabic and French

Target Audience: All School 

Learning a new language is learning a new culture and another way to look at the world. Learning a language goes beyond memorizing words and sentences and language structure. Just because you know how to say 'orange' and 'glass' in Arabic or French, doesn't mean you can order orange juice in a bistro in Rabat. As a matter of fact, you may be surprised by what you get instead!  

Culture is essential to learning a language, and one cannot learn a language outside its cultural environment and context. Understanding culture is like having a context that allows you to give the right meaning to words and sentences you learn.  Furthermore, learning how natives live and talk introduces a human side to the language, which keeps learners hooked on the learning process.  

In this session I will share ideas and example activities of how culture is taught in our language classes. This will be followed by a Q&A session. 

Hope to see many of you there. 


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