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                                       COVID-19 Reporting Protocols                                             (Published October 2020 & Revised January 21)        

Protocols for Reporting COVID-19 

The Ministry of Health in Morocco has recently published guidelines for schools for managing COVID-19 cases on campus. Given this, the Safety and Security Committee of RAS reviewed previously published protocols from the Ministry of Education, our own RAS protocols and compared them to the recently published protocol from the Ministry of Health.

After review, we have updated the four protocols that we originally shared with the RAS community for reporting COVID-19.

The most important changes to the protocol, which will be effective immediately are:

1. Students and staff with direct contact with COVID-19 are only required to test once to return to campus, with the requirement that the test be performed at least 5 days (120 hours) after last exposure.

2. Students and staff with direct contact with COVID-19 can return to campus after 7 days (originally 14 days) with a negative PCR test taken at least 5 days (120 hours) after last exposure.

3. Household members (siblings, spouses, and children) of those with direct contact are no longer required to test if the household member with direct contact tests negative at least 5 days after last exposure.

4. We have created a dedicated email address for reporting COVID-19 related matters.  

In January 2021, a new update to the Moroccan protocol was published eliminating the requirement for PCR testing 14 days or more following direct contact with a positive case, RAS is now allowing a second option for the return to on-campus learning for students who have been in contact with a positive COVID19 case:

a PCR negative test taken at least 120 hours after contact, then the student may return 7 days after exposure. 


a doctor's certificate stating that the individual is not symptomatic at day 14 (or later) to return to on-campus learning on day 15 (or later).

Please note that PCR testing at 5 days will allow students to return to campus faster and thus is highly preferred.

Kindly be sure to send all negative PCR test results and/or your doctor's certificate to the School Nurse, Latifa BenBih at The School Nurse will provide confirmation to you that your child is clear to return.

Faculty and staff with direct contact cases will be expected to PCR test 5 days (120 hours) after last contact and If negative, return to campus on day 7.

Please click on Protocols for Reporting COVID-19 published October 22, 2020 and revised January 7, 2021.