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Dear Rabat American School Stakeholders, 

It is with great pleasure that we present to you the current version of the Rabat American School Strategic Plan. This three-year plan covers the period of 2018-2021 and outlines the areas of strategic focus that will drive our activities during this important period in our school’s history. After almost 50 years on our Agdal Campus, Rabat American School inaugurated our newly built ocean-side campus in 2019. Our school is entering an exciting chapter in its history and this Strategic Plan strives to ensure that RAS evolves in line with its mission, vision, and beliefs as it looks forward to its next 50 years of existence. 

Most of you are familiar with the RAS Mission, Vision and Belief statements. They follow us everywhere; they are on our school calendar, our website, our handbooks, and they are reflected in our profile of graduates which informs our curriculum. They guide us at a broad level, but without a strategic plan that allows us to break these statements down into actionable priorities and milestones against which we can measure our progress, we are left without the tools needed to achieve success. Our stated mission is to become a “world learning community, preparing its students for higher education by inspiring academic excellence, intellectual curiosity, effective communication, service, and integrity.” To embrace this mission, we must ask important questions about what the statement really means to our community. The Strategic Planning process has pushed the school’s leadership to ponder important issues such as “What does a world learning community look like in action?”, “How do we build intellectual curiosity at all levels within the school?”, and “What financial models and investments can enable us to be most successful in building the profile of learners we describe in our beliefs?”  

Strategic Planning is a relevant process now more than ever, given that our campus build has opened new horizons to rethink the way we live in our school community, engage with the outside community in Rabat, and structure our learning environments. This plan is the culmination of ongoing work by the Board and school leadership to identify the most important strategic priorities on which the school will focus. Many people have contributed to the plan in a myriad of ways, but we want to take this opportunity to thank, in particular, the members of the RAS community at large that responded to both the climate survey and strategic planning survey. RAS conducted a community-wide survey in the fall of 2017 which gave parents, teachers, staff, and students the opportunity to provide significant input on the school’s strategic direction. These responses provided us with enormous input towards the content of this plan. We also want to give a special thanks to our former Board President, and former Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee, Kurt Beurmann, who walked point on much of the process of putting this plan together.  

Yours in Partnership,

Suzanne Moyer-Baazet, President, Rabat American School Association

Sean Goudie, Director, Rabat American School