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Learning in A World Community:

Pursuing excellence in an environment of unity, mutual respect, and understanding. 


Mission Statement

The Rabat American School is a world learning community, preparing its students for higher education by inspiring academic excellence, intellectual curiosity, effective communication, service, and integrity. 


Each RAS student

• has dignity and worth
• strives for personal and academic excellence
• is civically, socially, and environmentally responsible
• learns in partnerships with students, staff and parents
• recognizes similarities and respects diversity
• thinks critically and in depth
• makes healthy, wise, and respectful decisions
• communicates skillfully in a variety of languages and media
• grows intellectually, physically, socially, ethically, and emotionally
• values learning and becomes a lifelong learner


Profile of Graduates

The Graduates of the Rabat American School will be:

1. Knowledgeable, Inquisitive and Thoughtful
• cultivate the skills to explore new ideas, concepts and issues
• acquire a depth of knowledge and understanding in a wide range of disciplines
• develop curiosity and a habit of lifelong learning
• recognize and practice critical thinking skills to solve problems and reflect on their own learning and decision making

2. Effective Communicators
• understand and express ideas clearly and confidently when writing, listening and speaking
• communicate in multiple languages and modalities
• willingly collaborate and communicate to problem solve

3. Open-Minded, Principled, Reflective and Caring
• value their own and others’ cultural backgrounds
• actively seek new perspectives and viewpoints
• respect and seek justice for all members of the learning community
• have a sense of responsibility and integrity for themselves and the larger community    


• RAS Foundational Documents 

• Documents Fondamentaux de l'école américaine de rabat

• الوثائق التأسيسية للمدرسة الأمريكية بالرباط

RAS Inquiry