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Courses Catalog & University Handbook

The Secondary School years are a time of excitement, growth and transformation. Our learners are changing physically, mentally and emotionally. Our staff is dedicated to providing guidance and inspiration through these changes while we educate the whole child. 

We have designed our academic curricular program to equip and empower our students with the knowledge, skills and beliefs essential to becoming global citizens in the twenty-first century. They will study and learn in the disciplines of literature and language, social sciences, mathematics, experimental sciences, world language, physical education and health, fine arts, and information technology. RAS also offers a variety of co-curricular opportunities such as clubs, student government, service learning and athletic activities. 

Success in the middle grades lays the foundation for success in high school and beyond. The approaches to learning students establish will be with them as they go through the Secondary School. Our goal is to help students develop strong, positive approaches to learning so that excellence becomes a habit.
Please use these resources - the Secondary Course Descriptions and the College and University Handbook - in planning your program. Whether you are in grade seven, a freshman just entering high school and developing a brand-new four-year plan, or a soon to be graduating senior, all of your options are listed in these catalogs. 

We believe the middle grades should be a time of exploration and discovery. Your mindset should reflect this as you plan to develop both your approaches to learning and your academic skill and knowledge during these years. High school program planning impacts more than just your high school academics. During this planning time you should consider potential college programs that you may pursue. In doing so, you can plan your courses in a way that provides challenges and the foundation necessary to be successful at the university level. 

Talk to your parents and ask for their guidance as to where you may be able to attend university. Talk to our secondary counselor as you map out your plan and determine which courses best meet your needs. Last but not least, talk to your teachers to find out why they are passionate about their subjects. What fascinates them about mathematics, economics, history, literature or science? RAS may be a small school, yet we offer much in the way of rigorous academics and rich co-curricular activities. 

We are all here to support you as you work your way through middle and high school at RAS.