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Counseling Philosophy

Our students are global citizens, living in an increasingly diverse societies, with access to rapidly changing technologies, and expanding opportunity. To help ensure that they are well-equipped to be successful, and to become the next generation of leaders and good world citizens, every student needs support, guidance, and opportunities to learn and develop their individual capabilities.


Counseling Services  

The school counselor offers both proactive and responsive services, designate to meet student's immediate needs and concerns. These services may include counseling in individual or small-group settings or crisis response. Students, parents and staff may access the school counselor either through direct self-referral, or through the Student Support referral process. 


Personal, Social, Health Education Program

The PSHE program will consist of structured lessons, delivered in a safe and positive learning environment. The PSHE program is designed to help students attain self-knowledge, attitudes and skills, such as interpersonal relationships and study habits, appropriate for their developmental level. 


Homeroom and PSHE 


Homeroom Groups

Homerooms allow students the opportunity to interact closely with a group of their peers, under the guidance and care of two homeroom teachers. Homerooms meet every morning, and during PSHE lessons, and are intended to build a sense of community among students and their peers. 

The Homerooom Teacher

The role of the homeroom teacher is designed to offer the opportunity for students to develop close contact with at least one teacher at school, who will act as their advocate and advisor. Homeroom teachers will lead the developing of a sense of community in the Homeroom, and will monitor, advise and encourage students. Homeroom teachers will also deliver PSHE lessons, during a dedicated PSHE class; the curriculum for PSHE are developed with the guidance of the school counselor. 

Grade Level Meetings

All teachers will meet regularly at grade level to track student progress and bring any issues or concerns arising to the attention of the of the appropriate Student Support Team member. 

Student Support Team

The Student Support Team incorporates the English as an Additional Language (EAL), Academic Resource Coordinator (ARC), and Counseling departments. The team meets regularly, and works closely with teachers, students and parents, to ensure that appropriate services are provided proactively.