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Old RAS Playground Equipment Installed in Two Moroccan Schools and an NGO

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During the last month RAS, in cooperation with JIWAR, the Diplomatic Circle Rabat and some private donors, worked on relocating the old playground from RAS, which was taken down two years ago, when the new play ground for elementary students were installed.

The old play ground was big enough to be installed in three different venues. Some of the structures were donated to an NGO called Filles de Charite which operates a social center in Temara with health facilities as well as after-school activities and school feeding programmes for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The remaining ​structures were given to two public schools in Temara and Shrirat, which are both operating JIWAR pre-primary education centers for children from low income families.

The play ground structures have already been installed at the social center in Temara and the school in Shrirat . The installation at the last venue, the school in Temara, will be initiated shortly.

The schools in Shrirat and Temara and the Social Center in Temara are very pleased to be able to offer their students these outdoor facilities and would like to express their gratitude to RAS and the organisations involved in the work.



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