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Physics is fun!

on December 1, 2016 Learning with 0 comments

Watching from the second floor of S-Block yesterday I saw Grade 8 students in the garden working on their laptops and moving about in all sorts ofg8_physics ways: then as I approached Mr Bistretzan’s classroom I came across two groups dropping a glue stick from shoulder height onto the floor. My curiosity piqued, in a friendly way I asked them what they were doing.

It seems that each group has been investigating different forms of motion using their laptops: the videocam is used to record the motion of the glue stick as it is dropped, and then a piece of software allows the students to trace the motion and then graph it.

Sometimes we get asked why we put technology in the hands of students, often accompanied by the likes of “Don’t they spend enough time looking at a screen?” We do it because when done well, as in this case, it allows us to set up learning engagements that we could not do using traditional approaches, and in doing so we teach young people how to use technology responsibly and productively!



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