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The IBDP & An Overview of the University Admissions Process


Date: January 19, 2021

Time: 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Parent Academy: 
The IBDP & An Overview of the University Admissions Process 

Dr. Fabienne Gerard, IBDP/3 Pathways Coordinator 
Dr. Rachael Gerbic, Secondary School Counselor/College & University Counselor

What is the IB Diploma Programme? What are the different components of the program? What is the educational philosophy of the program? What are the attributes of a successful IBDP student? What are the challenges of the program? Why is it an outstanding program to prepare students for university and life? A 30 minute overview will be provided.

Following this, an overview of the university search and application process and timeline will be shared, including an introduction to our college counseling curriculum by BridgeU, used with students in grades 9-12 as they build their profiles and prepare for applying to university in grade 12.

This event is for anyone in our community. A future event in February will aim specifically at our current Grade 10's and their parents.

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