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At Rabat American School, we use many systems to help parents find information about their child(ren) and the school as a whole.

Parents have an RAS username and password that give them access to all of those systems. The username and password is shared with families at the beginning of the school year via email and sms.  

The information will give parents access to:

Google Calendars: All School, Elementary School and Secondary School 

Powerschool: powerschool is where you can access grades, schedules, and other information about your child.

Schoology: Schoology is where you can access information about what is going on in your child's classes.

RAS Guest WiFi: Whenever you are on the RAS campus you can log into the WiFi network "RAS COMMUNITY" with your username and password.

For more details, please check RAS Tech Systems Info

If you have any questions or need any support with RAS Systems, please send a message to 

RAS Technology Department