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Welcome to the Rabat American School Parent Teacher Association (RAS PTA) page! This association is an integral part of the RAS community. It is made up of a group of volunteer parents and staff members who help manage and run events and activities to support the school community.

The RAS PTA works closely with the teachers and staff members to help build a strong school community to the benefit of all students. The main role of the PTA is to support RAS in providing the best opportunities for our students and to support new and returning families in the RAS community. The PTA organizes many fun fundraising and community building events, including parent welcome receptions, teacher appreciation lunches, and events showcasing the diverse cultures of RAS families.

Parent Teacher Association Mission 

The Rabat American School Parent Teacher Association is an open, multicultural organization, composed of all parents and guardians, faculty members, and administrators. The PTA's mission is to work together to positively and constructively support the entire RAS family educationally, socially and culturally by:

• Improving and advocating communication within the community;

• Providing programs, activities and services that strengthen and support the community; and

• Supporting the mission of RAS


PTA Events & Activities, School Year 2019–2020

Events organized by the PTA in school year 2019-2020: 

• Welcome Picnic: a fun event with near full student body attendance and approximately 60 volunteers, half of which are faculty members.

Book Fair: imported and sold hundreds of books that are not available in Morocco with the help of parent and staff volunteers.

Staff Appreciation Holiday Breakfast: with approximately 60 volunteers to help decorate the venue, set up the tables, and serve food made by students and their families, the event was a big hit with the staff.

Spirit gear sales: the sale of hoodies, water bottles, and bags with the RAS colors and PTA logo.

Staff appreciation video, tree and bench: as we were unable to host our end-of-year staff appreciation tea in 2020, we compiled video messages from students thanking staff for their support during virtual school. We also set aside funds to plant a tree and install a bench in appreciation of the staff’s hard work in ensuring that learning was not interrupted during the pandemic. 

Other annual events that we were unable to host in 2020:

• Cultures Day: our biggest event during which school families showcase their culture through food, crafts or performances from their country. We usually have more than 20 stalls representing most school nationalities and a near full attendance.

End-of-year staff appreciation lunch.

Events that the PTA contributed to: 

• Orientation Day: a PTA table to welcome new families and sell school supplies and spirit gear.

AIWA Bazaar: school supplies and book sales 


RAS sports events

• Grants for various initiatives

Contact Us

If you are a parent/guardian of an RAS student and are interested in joining the PTA executive committee or have any questions or ideas to share, please reach out to us at:

You may also join our closed Facebook group below. Please note that only school community members will be accepted in the group upon approval from the school/group’s admin.  RAS Lions’ Den:

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