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Welcome to the Rabat American School Parent Teacher Association (RAS PTA) page! This association is an integral part of the RAS community and is made up of a group of volunteers that help manage it and run the events, activities and functions to support the school community as per the RAS PTA mission.

The PTA organize many fun events annually from parent welcome receptions to showcasing the numerous diverse cultures of RAS families. The main role of the PTA is to support RAS in providing the best opportunities for our students.  The RAS PTA works closely with the teachers and administration to help build a strong school community to the benefit of all the children. Together this also builds a support for new and returning families in the RAS community.

Parent Teacher Association Mission 

The Rabat American School Parent Teacher Association is an open, multicultural organization of all parents (guardians), faculty, and administrators. The PTA's mission is to work together to positively and constructively support the entire RAS family educationally, socially and culturally by:

•  Improving and advocating communication within the community;

•  Providing programs, activities and services that strengthen and support the community; and

•  Supporting the mission of RAS

PTA Events & Activities — School Year 2018-2019

Events organized by the PTA this year: 

• Welcome Picnic approx. 60 volunteers (26 of which are from faculty)

• Book fair approx. 20 parent volunteers 

• Teacher and Staff Appreciation Tea approx. 60 volunteers — to set up, assist and mostly to send and bring food

• Screenagers 

• Cultures Day — over 600 attended:  20 country tables representing 23 nationalities;  90 table volunteers and 18 volunteers for ticket, drink, book sales etc. (9 of these were faculty)

• Teacher and Staff Appreciation Lunch  — June 10 

• Set up of new PTA office - furniture purchase and packing/organization 

• Class liaisons initiative in elementary (with limited success) could be kicked off for next year

• Spirit gear sales — hoodies initiative from last year, continued as well as additional spirit items ordered and on sale.

• PTA created a new logo to use on communications  



Events PTA Participated in/contributed to: 

• AIWA Bazaar — supply and book sales 

• Various hoodie sale initiatives 

• RAS Prom — contributed to hiring a DJ

• PE Events — 200MAD for elementary soccer day snacks & 700MAD towards field day snacks (fruits, bbq, etc)

• Grants for various causes: tricycles, potting soil for Grade 1, animal club funds, boombox for French, CAS, etc.