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Admissions FAQ

1. Does my child have to join RAS on a specific date such as the beginning of the school year? 

Students join RAS throughout the school year, typically before May 1. Your child can begin school soon after the admissions process is completed, a place has been offered, and the financial commitment has been cleared. In collaboration with the family, a suitable start date will be determined, with the approval of the Admissions team. 

IB Diploma students: it is not possible to begin the full IB Diploma program after the beginning of October. 

2. How is grade level placement determined? 

Grade level placement in Pre K - Grade 1 is based on the cut-off date of September 1st. In Elementary (Grades 2-5), middle school and high school, placement is determined by both the previous educational experience and age of the student. In some cases, a placement test may be given to accurately place a student. 

3. How does my child get to and from school?

The bus service remains the most popular mode of transport for our students traveling between home and school each day. The service includes morning pick up, drop off after regular dismissal, drop off after co-curricular activities, and drop off after Athletics. A number of students are dropped off and picked up by their parents or drivers. 

The bus service application is shared with families when the child(ren) is accepted to RAS. 

4. Does RAS run waiting lists? 

Yes, when necessary. As with many international schools, demand can fluctuate. This means that, at the time you apply, our grades may be full. In these cases, we open a wait list for the grade concerned.  

5. How long is the school day?

Classes start at 8:20am and end at 3:30pm (M, T, Th & F). On Wednesdays, we start at 8:20am and end at 1:15pm for secondary school students and 2pm for elementary school students. Secondary school students that ride the bus stay on campus until 2pm dismissal. 

6. Does RAS offer merit scholarships and/or financial aid?

No, we are unable to offer any type of scholarship or financial aid.

7. How long will I have to wait before I know that my child has been accepted to RAS?

We encourage families to apply as soon as they learn of their assignment to Rabat. The review of the complete applications received and assessments will take place in the spring (March/April). We will do our best to provide families with a decision by May 1st. In some instances, we will not be able to provide a final admissions decision until Mid-June or Mid-August. 

8. My child has specific learning needs. How do I know whether these will be met?

RAS provides mild learning support services for students able to learn the grade level curriculum with minimal classroom accommodation. To ensure we are able to offer the appropriate support, we encourage you to submit all relevant information at your earliest convenience. 

9. How will my non-English-speaking child manage in an English language school?

RAS offers a comprehensive English Language Development Program. The EAL Program focuses on helping students add English to their repertoire of languages while acquiring the content, academic language, and interpersonal skills needed to be successful, independent learners. We will assess and monitor the progress of Multilingual Learners' English language development. 

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