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                       RAS teachers are fully committed to our vision, mission and                        beliefs about learning and inspiration.  

Nature of Work:

They teach the whole child, understanding that academic success is inextricably interwoven with healthy social and personal development. Our teachers typically come to us as seasoned practitioners. These people are true colleagues among their peers, working tirelessly with them for the success of all students, and using inclusion models to meet their varied linguistic (EAL), interpersonal and academic needs. RAS teachers engender excellent relationships with all constituents, they are inspiring in their practice, and they are open to continuously improving their pedagogy. They also subscribe to the belief that technology is a tool which should be effectively integrated into classroom practice. 

Thank you for your interest in applying for a teaching position at Rabat American School.  We have started the recruiting process for 2021-22 teaching positions. We will be attending a number of ifairs this year and all of our openings will be posted on the Search Associates and ISS-Schrole websites. 

Please apply directly through Search Associates or ISS-Schrole or click on any "Apli" button below which you are interested in and qualified to teach.

Rabat American School offers attractive salaries and a full range of faculty benefits including:

• Professional Development 

• Major Medical Insurance – Seven Corners

• Local Health Insurance

• Life insurance

• Disability Insurance (50% co-pay)

• Retirement allowance – 5% of salary

• Transportation at beginning and end of two year contract(s) (overseas recruited faculty only)

• Housing allowance (overseas recruited faculty only)

• Settling in allowance (overseas recruited faculty only)

• Resettlement allowance upon completion of final contract (overseas recruited faculty only)

• Loans for automobile purchase

Please note: 

RAS’s principal recruitment strategy involves the use of Search Associates and ISS-Schrole. While we will accept direct applications via our website, preference for overseas recruited hire positions will be given to candidates registered with the either Search Associates or ISS-Schrole. 

Current openings at RAS, posted on Search Associates:

Admission Open