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Child Protection

According to The World Health Organization (WHO), the consequences of child maltreatment include impaired lifelong physical and mental health, and the social and occupational outcomes can ultimately slow a country's economic and social development. Maltreatment causes stress that is associated with disruption in early brain development. Extreme stress can impair the development of the nervous and immune systems. 

The Board of Trustees recognizes that RAS students may potentially be the victims of any form of abuse or neglect. Because of its continuing concern for the health and welfare of all RAS students, the Board established the following policy: 7.500 Child Welfare and Safety, with supporting guidelines and procedures to be established by the school’s administration.

Child Protection Curriculum
RAS uses the African International Schools Association (AISA) curriculum and UNESCO International technical guidance on comprehensive sexuality health education (CSHE) standards to teach age appropriate child protection content. In Elementary, this is done in the month of October (Child Protection Month) during Community Circle and across the school day. In secondary school, this AISA content is delivered through the Advisory Program.

Child Protection Screening
1. All RAS Faculty & Staff, Substitutes, Volunteers, and Outsourcing Employees are required to provide a recent Criminal Record before joining RAS.
2. RAS Faculty & Staff take the child protection training online and sign the code of conduct document, to be submitted to the Director’s office and be placed in their HR files.
3. Substitutes take the child protection training online and completed certificates are placed in their HR files.
4. RAS Facilities staff and any Outsourcing Employee take the Arabic child protection training in person presented by the HR Officer, and sign an Acknowledgment document confirming that they attended the training and they understood the child protection guidelines.
5. A refresher training is done for Facilities staff and any Outsourcing Employees every year in September.

By working together, we can provide a consistent and safe environment for our students, and ensure that they are knowledgeable about their rights and responsibilities to themselves and each other. Click the Child Protection Team (English version) or L'équipe de protection de l'enfant (version en français) - to review the annually updated Child Protection Posters identifying the Policy and the members of and contact information for the Child Protection Team. These poster resources are placed in strategic points throughout the school campus. 

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