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Service learning plays an integral part of school life at RAS for our students!

A few examples of service learning activities across elementary and secondary include: 

Elementary School 

Calendar sales to benefit JIWAR Education & Development 

Soup company project to benefit JIWAR Education & Development 

Fall & Spring RAS Fun Walk to benefit Education for All 

100 Cans for 100th Day of School to benefit the local orphanage

Other projects include the elementary student council: Ramadan baskets, "Thank you Tea" for our workers, etc

Secondary School

In secondary, service learning is the development and application of knowledge and skills towards meeting an identified community need. In this research-based approach, students undertake service initiatives often related to topics studied in the curriculum, utilizing skills, understanding and values developed in these studies.

Zawyia Ahansal High Atlas Mountains Morocco Community Service Trip for grades 11 & 12: The Rural Life and Community Development program to Zawiya Ahansal is a global service learning program and community development experience, created specifically for Rabat American School students. The program provides our learners with the opportunity to experience rural life and participate in community development programs in the remote Zawiya Ahansal region of the Central High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Our students work directly with the local Berber community teaching English, French and Arabic, as well as harvesting, planting and understanding local agriculture needs. This project is held under the context of Creativity, Action and Service (CS/CAS).

Centre Social Kariat: CSK, a non-profit organization, helps children with disabilities and their families with love, compassion and commitment. For the past three years, our students organized two fundraising events per year to raise awareness and much-needed funds for the center. RAS and CSK joined together in the school's annual Talent Show. The CSK children performed a touching play, showing the hardship of being excluded from society and how  love and acceptance of others can make a difference; they sang a Moroccan song and danced to local music. The second event of the year was an RAS & CSK fun day when our students host a fun day filled with games, activities, swimming and of course a wonderful barbecue!

Blood Drive: Annually, RAS hosts a Blood Drive on campus. The goal of this initiative is to target a specific issue to Morocco: the lack of blood supply in hospitals and other medical facilities. The blood collected throughout the day is essential to the efficiency of medical facilities in Morocco and goes to the National Center for Blood Transfusion. This project is held under the context of Creativity, Action and Service (CAS).