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Greetings from the Elementary Principal, Ms. Katie Koenig


As I join this community for my first school year, it is my great hope that whether your family is new to the community like me, or returning, your family feels the warmth and joy that make the relationships, learning environments, and opportunities at Rabat American School truly unique.  

At RAS, our learning community’s foundation is built upon relationships.  We will focus on developing deep, meaningful relationships with and amongst children, parents and families, educators, and our global community.  

Utilizing the outdoor beauty of Rabat, Morocco and our indoor classrooms that feel like a home away from home, our learning environments enhance children’s learning and cultivate collaboration, communication, and curiosity.  When you are on campus, I encourage you to examine the displays that showcase the beauty of our children’s learning.  

RAS educators purposefully plan for, implement, and assess standards-based instruction to ensure each child’s individual growth.  With educators as mentors, we provide robust experiences in the core curricula of literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, and social-emotional learning.  Children also develop skills in music, art, physical education, French and Arabic languages, and Moroccan studies, in addition to, discovering all that library has to offer!  We know we are successful when children identify and conduct themselves as readers, musicians, authors, artists, French-speakers, caregivers, scientists, economists, researchers, anthropologists, mathematicians, ambassadors, Arabic-speakers, historians, counselors, and global servants. We are committed to providing opportunities for our children to develop and reflect on their approaches to learning alongside developing content specific knowledge and skills. 

There are also a wealth of after-school activities offered to children in first through fifth grades.  No matter the content, our children are at the center of the learning experiences, enjoying the delight of childhood.  

I, like so many families in the RAS community, have lived abroad for many years and understand the joy of discovering a truly welcoming community!  I have been honored to contribute to children’s learning journeys in the United States, Australia, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates.  While at RAS, I am committed to enriching the learning community which includes children, educators, and PARENTS!  Your role in your child(ren)’s learning is invaluable, and we welcome you to get involved in each and every way you can.  I couldn’t be more delighted to welcome you to the 2018-2019 school year and our incredible learning community!

Looking forward to seeing you on campus, 

Warm regards, 

Katie Koenig