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Welcome to Secondary School


We are glad you are here!

As I enter my fifth year as the Secondary Principal at the Rabat American School, I find myself feeling both reflective and optimistic. The past two years have featured unprecedented challenges in the world of schools, education, and learning. I have always believed that our best character is forged in the fires of adversity. Examples of this abound in the annals of human history. As we emerge from the depths of our species' most recent pandemic, there is hope for a brighter future as well as lessons from the past we must carry forward.

Consider the three actions in the new Mission of the RAS learning community:

Engage in real-world learning opportunities. 
Empower learners to take action. 
Foster belonging and personal growth.

While similar aspirations can be found in other school missions, it is our “why” for these actions and the way in which they are manifested in the Secondary School that make what we do truly unique, transformational, and important.

The secondary years are a time of profound change and transformation as they set our students on the path to adulthood and global citizenship. Twenty-two years into the 21st century, that path is like none faced by previous generations. The blistering pace of change, the overnight acquisition of knowledge and understanding, the diversity of societies, the extraordinary advancements in technology, and the complexity of modern problems all conspire to shape an unknowable and challenging future. To navigate this wondrous and sometimes perilous world, we do know our graduates need the habits of mind and a set of skills that position them to be adaptable, nimble, creative, and inspired.

To this end, we are committed to the relentless pursuit of a clear and potent vision to be a community of dynamic, diverse, and authentic learners who are thriving together. We expect nothing less than an education that values critical thought, creative expression, collaborative skills, curious perspectives, and a compassion for others. We aim to shape lifelong learners with the passion, purpose, and persistence to find fulfillment and to be a force for the positive change they hope to see in their worlds. We are excited for you to join us on this adventure.

Kind Regards,
Ted Fuller, Ed.D.
Secondary School Principal



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