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Rabat American School (RAS) is a private, nonprofit institution operated by the Rabat American School Association (RASA). Its purpose is to provide for the education of dependents of US government personnel and also, at the discretion of the Board of Trustees, for educating the students of other nations and Moroccan citizens who wish to educate their students in accordance with American and international school standards of education. 

Parents become members of the Association automatically when their children are enrolled in school and their tuition and fees are paid. Teachers and members of the Administration are automatically members when they assume their functions in school. 

The Association is managed by the General Assembly, the Board of Trustees and the Director. 

The General Meeting consists of all full members. The membership meets in a regular Annual General Meeting (AGM) once a year. The General Meeting deliberates and takes decisions when at least 35% of full members attend. Your commitment as a member is of vital importance to the school community. We invite and encourage all members to vote for the Board of Trustees and/or Constitution amendments.  Each Association member has one vote. This vote is counted to determine the 35% quorum. 

The management of Rabat American School is vested in a Board of Trustees of nine voting members, which by statute will consist of a majority of American citizens and a minimum of three non-Americans, of whom one must be a Moroccan citizen and one must be non-American, non-Moroccan. Six members are elected by the General Assembly and three members are appointed by the Board. In addition to the nine voting members, the Director, a representative of the Ambassador of the United States, a Moroccan Special Designate, a representative of Rabat American School Teachers' Association (RASTA), and a representative of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) serve as ex-officio members without voting rights.

The Board of Trustees looks after the long-term well-being of the school, plans for the future so that RAS can continue to follow its mission and vision, makes sure that RAS complies with its owns policies and with Moroccan law, and is responsible for the financial health of the school. 

A copy of the Rabat American School Policy Manual is located in the Learning Commons. 




Meet The School Board Members

Elected/Appointed Board Members

Col. Andrew Hamann (President) is the Defense Attaché at the U.S. Embassy in Rabat. He and his wife Tammy have three children in RAS, and one RAS alumni attending college in the U.S. They have been part of the RAS community for 6 years (2007-2010 & 2015-current). Andy is serving on the board to assist in making each RAS student a successful learner and citizen. 

Heather McCrimmon (Vice President) has two boys attending RAS. She and her husband Bill have been part of the RAS community for 3 years, and they love it! Heather believes it is important to be involved in the community, where ever they are living in the world, it is beneficial for her family.

Simon Flamand-Hubert (Treasurer) is the Management and Consular Officer at the Canadian Embassy. He and his wife Imane have one child in RAS, and one RAS Alumni recently deceased. He has been part of the community for 4 years (2015-current). Simon is serving on the Board to contribute to the long term financial viability of a great school.

Stephen Weeks (Secretary) is the Assistant Cultural Affairs Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Rabat.  He and his wife Pascale have three children in RAS, and they have been living in Morocco since Summer 2017 and will be here until Summer 2022.  Steve is serving on the board as a way to contribute to the RAS Community.

Yamama Amar has one child in RAS graduating this year and two RAS Alumni attending university in Europe. She and her husband Jamal have been part of the RAS community for 7 years. Yamama is chairing the Task Force that lead the build process and the move between Agdal and Oceanside Campus.  

Suzanne Bazaat-Moyer have two children in RAS and one joining Pre K next year. She and her husband Karim have been part of the RAS community for two years. Suzanne is serving on the Board to give back to the RAS community and to support the school in a positive way. As a permanent resident of Rabat, her children will most likely spend their entire educational career at the school, and she has a huge stake in the success of the school.  Suzanne has a background in non-profit management and finance, so she has a unique skill set to bring to the RAS Board and to offer to our community. 

Kurt Beurmann has one child in RAS. They have been part of the RAS community for 2.5 years. Kurt is serving on the board to make a real contribution to ensuring RAS continues to provide a high quality education in a positive, international environment for all of its students now and in the future.

Robert Flannery is the Force Protection Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Rabat. He and his wife Kathleen have two children in RAS. They have been part of the RAS community for 2 years. Bob is serving on the Board to contribute to a place where his teenagers get exposure to students from 40 different countries, cultures, languages and beliefs. Each day he watches them unleash their potential at RAS in a truly once in lifetime experience.”

Hajbouha Zoubeir is the president of Phosboucraa Foundation/OCP Group. She has one child enrolled in RAS and one RAS Alumni.