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RAS Athletics and Activities is an inclusive extension of the educational journey for our learners. Through athletic and activity participation, we will strive for the explicit mentoring of compassionate student-leaders while building various developmental assets. RAS Athletics and Activities will always hold every student to high academic standards and competitive excellence on and off the field, court, pool, track, auditorium, and classroom. RAS Athletics and Activities communicate clear expectations for our code of conduct, sportspersonship, and integrity.

The positive learners outcome are the development of student empowerment, commitment to authentic learning, positive identity and values, and social competencies. We are committed to equal and inclusive opportunities for all students and adults of sex, color, ability, national origin, religion, or economic status. RAS takes pride in supporting an Athletics and Activities program, which continuously reinforces the values of Grit, Reflection, Excellence, Accountable, and Thoughtful, resulting in thriving school pride and spirit!

Through authentic and dynamic learning, RAS Athletics and Activities will guide students to enjoy and appreciate the journey of diverse learning over the sole outcomes of winning and losing. Learning involves failure, and RAS Athletics and Activities believes students achieve excellence through the development of resiliency and reflection through failure and adversity. 


Athletics and Activities are a Privilege Not a Right

  1. Holistic and thriving education.
  2. School Attendance is required, unless an excused absence is approved. 
  3. Be in class, on time, every day.
  4. Respectful to your teachers, coaches/leaders, fellow students, family, administration, opponents, and our entire Rabat and global community. 
  5. Exemplary conduct, on and off campus.
  6.  Honesty. Admit your mistakes, faults, digressions and become better for it.
  7. Place team/activity goals above self-interest
  8. Give your total effort, to make the most of the skills that you have. 

Athletics and Activities are a Privilege Not a Right

  1. Athletics and Activities follows the RAS dress code and expectations.
  2. Practice is a requirement! There are very few, acceptable excuses to miss a practice.
  3. Athletics and Activities program is voluntary and sacrifices may be made.
  4. Any student who quits a sport/activity will not be allowed in another one until a new season begins.
  5. Self-discipline is expected at all times. 
  6. Athletics and Activities support and enforce the school’s behavior and substance abuse policy.
  7. Athletics and Activities support and enforce the schools's mobile phone policy


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