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English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Students may enter the elementary program without previous knowledge of English. Our English as an Additional Language (EAL) program provides support for them. EAL students enter with different levels of English language competency and progress at different rates. Each student's program is designed to meet his or her needs and abilities. Those who enter with little or no English language may have some separate English classes (pullout support) while others may receive in-class support (inclusion). Teachers monitor their EAL student's progress throughout the year and adjust their programs accordingly. EAL students exit intensive pullout support classes when they can meet the expectations of their core academic classes with inclusion support. All EAL classes are designed to teach academic English by using the curriculum of content classes. 

Learning Support 

Learning Support (LS) offers small-group instruction to help students meet grade-level expectations in the elementary school. Specifically designed to target students with early intervention needs and mild learning difficulties, the Learning Support provides both strategy training and content-based instruction. 

The LS teacher and the regular classroom teachers are collaborators in developing and implementing educational programs for LS students. The collaborative process focuses on supporting general education class work. In cases where weaknesses are serious impediments to learning, accommodations may be implemented in the regular academic program; however, neither the curriculum nor the assessments will be modified.  


The counseling and guidance department is committed to providing a safe environment where all students have the opportunity to strive for personal and academic excellence. The counselor is available to provide academic, behavioral, social and emotional support to students. Resources for the community are made available through the counselor's office or via this Elementary Counseling Website

The Elementary school has implemented a Positive Behavior Intervention Support system (PBIS). This system is based on the premise of continual teaching, modeling and reinforcement of positive behavior. As the system supports positive behavior, it reduces discipline problems and promotes a climate of greater productivity, safety and learning. PBIS focuses on being proactive rather than reactive while using a systematic method of instruction for desired positive behavior. 

The PBIS slogan is RAS ROCKS. We are: 

R - Responsible and Respectful 

O - Open-minded

C - Courageous 

K - Kind 

S - Safe 

Students are encouraged to follow positive guidelines for all areas of the school.