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SY 2021-2022 Admissions Procedure 

The Rabat American School has a rolling admissions policy and will accept applications from families throughout the year. Once the necessary paperwork outlined in the Steps below are completed and received by the Admissions Office, the application will be reviewed by the Principal and the Admissions Team. 

A visit to the school is recommended but is not required. We certainly enjoy welcoming all applicants to the school! Click here to receive further information from the Admissions Officer or to schedule a campus visit. 

Please note that walk-ins are not permitted. To mitigate the possible spread of COVID-19, visitor access to campus is restricted, tours can only be scheduled outside of school hours by appointment only. 

STEP 1: Application for Admission & Application Fee Payment
RAS Online Application for Admission 

We are looking forward to being part of your child(ren)'s learning journey. As part of the online application process, you will be asked to upload additional information (JPEG/PDF). Before you begin, please gather the following:

• Student Applicant Photo (digital/JPEG)

• Photo page of student applicant's passport 

• Birth certificate 

• Vaccination records 

• School records/reports for the current year as well as the past two years (Pre Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Grade 1 should upload as many school records/reports as are available) 

• Standardized test scores (MAP, SAT, PSAT, IGCSE, etc) 

• High school transcript (applies to Grade 10-12 applicants) 

• Diagnostic/psycho-educational reports, if applicable, in order to better understand the learning needs of your child(ren).




RAS Application Fee Payment

• When the complete Application for Admission is submitted; the business office will send an invoice for the application fee of $400 (per student applicant) with banking details for a transfer.  

• The application fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. 

• Payment is due before the review of the application begins. 


STEP 2: Confidential School Recommendations

Rabat American School requires confidential recommendation forms as part of the application process. 


Elementary School Applicants Pre K — Grade 5:

Parents, please download and complete Part One of the form below and submit to your child's school so a teacher, counselor or principal can complete Part Two, endorse it with school stamps and send it directly to the Admissions Office. 

Confidential School Recommendation for Pre K — Kindergarten Applicants 

Confidential School Recommendation for Grades 1 – 5 Applicants 


Secondary School Applicants Grades 6 — 12: 

Parents, please download and complete the permission to release student records and submit to the Math Teacher, the English Teacher and to the Administration (Principal or Counselor) the confidential recommendations to complete, sign, endorse with school stamps and send directly to the Admissions Office.  

Permission to Release Student Records and Recommendations (Math, English and Administrative) 


STEP 3: Admissions Decision

RAS admission and grade placement will only be finalized after the review of the complete application, evaluation of school reports, confidential recommendations from previous schools, application fee payment, admission assessments and parent/learner interviews with the Principal.

The school has a set of admission assessments for each age group that will guide the admissions team to determine whether the school can meet the applicant’s need, and, if so, the grade or program in which he or she should be placed. 

Please consult the following admissions guidelines:  

The objective of RAS is to provide education in English following an American educational philosophy, particularly to students who have no national schooling option in Rabat. Applicants meeting the academic, behavioral and linguistic standards of RAS will be admitted in the following order:

1.    Official U.S. dependents whose parents or guardians are employed by or under contract with the U.S. Government.
2.    Dependents of other U.S. Citizens.
3.    Dependents of officials employed by third country diplomatic corps, U.N., European Union or similar organizations.
4.    Dependents of other third country nationals who meet the language requirement and/or have previously been enrolled in an English language based program.
5.    Host country nationals who have previously been enrolled in an English language based program.
6.    Other students who have need, and have the capacity and desire for this form of education.

All admissions are conditional for one year after which the student’s progress and the school’s ability to meet his/her needs will be reviewed.