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As you begin the process of application, please take a few moments to read the following important information about required school reports, English as an Additional Language (EAL) and Special Education.

School Reports

Your child’s school reports are key to helping us make the right admissions decision. Any application to Elementary, Middle or High School should be accompanied with the last three years of school reports, plus any reports received during the current school year.

Lower Elementary School applications (Pre kindergarten  – grade 2) should be accompanied by up to 2 years of school reports, depending on the length of time the student has been in school.

High School applications (grades 10-12) should  be accompanied by a high school transcript.

If your child has had standardized testing reports, any external assessment, or formal evaluations (for example: speech and language, psycho-educational, occupational therapy, etc.), please include them with your application.

In order to process your application, RAS requires that an application be submitted in English. All non-English supporting documents should be accompanied by an English translation.

It is very important for us to have the latest information about the learning profile of your child. Parents are therefore required to submit to the Admissions Office any reports received subsequent to acceptance. 

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

RAS serves a diverse community of learners from many cultural and national backgrounds. The language of instruction is English, but some new students may have limited facility with this language.

Our goal is to develop the students’ abilities to achieve academic success without additional support in the regular classroom setting and help them become successful independent learners. To achieve this goal, students must acquire academic language skills in all domains: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The English as an Additional Language (EAL) program is designed to help these students achieve this goal.

Prior to a recommendation for admission, the Child Support Team (CST) for grades K-5 and the Student Support Team (SST) for grades 6-12 will evaluate all potential EAL students. In order to ensure their success in a demanding academic environment, EAL students will be accepted in Kindergarten through middle school depending on the level of their academic English, native language literacy and their academic school records.

Students recommended for the beginning level of EAL shall be admitted if an appropriate program can be developed to meet the needs of the student and the school. To meet the linguistic and cognitive demands in the secondary school, new students in high school must already possess an advanced level of English in order to be admitted.

Please note that students admitted in grades 10 -12 must be independent of EAL support.

EAL students at all levels shall be accepted on a probationary basis for the first two (2) trimesters of attendance. The CST or SST shall determine whether or not a student has demonstrated a reasonable rate of progress and the motivation necessary to acquire English proficiency. If the regular curriculum and the available EAL support cannot meet an EAL student’s needs, the CST or SST may recommend that the student not continue at RAS. The student’s parents will be notified of the recommendation by the end of the second trimester of the school year.

Special Education

RAS does not offer a program for students who have come from self-contained special education programs or who have had a private assistant in the classroom at another school.

The child study team and administration will determine whether a student’s special education needs can be met within the context of the school. When a student’s special needs are known, the parents are required to provide all copies of all reports and evaluations related to the child’s diagnosis.