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Lunch & Cafeteria Service

The Rabat American School in partnership with the outsourced food service provider “B'Healthy” provides a comprehensive food program at the cafeteria on campus. Students may bring a packed lunch from home or may use the cafeteria service.

At the cafeteria, students have two options - the Hot Lunch menu (accessible to all students enrolled in PreK - Grade 12) and an A La Carte menu (accessible only to students enrolled in Grades 6-12). The provider ensures that students are presented with healthy options. 

Students must bring their lunch from home when they come to school in the morning. In the interest of improved school security and of fostering student independence and responsibility, the school does not permit food to be delivered to or via any school gate before, during or after school hours by parents, drivers or external food providers. 

If, on a rare occasion, your child forgets their packed lunch you can either bring the lunch to the school before 11:30 a.m. or the provider will supply a voucher for a hot lunch meal and the cost will be collected from the family.  

Please note the following:

1. Payment for meals from the cafeteria is done through the service provider's website;

2. Elementary students (Pre K - Grade 5) may not purchase food from the snack bar. Parents are not to come and purchase snack bar food on their child’s behalf during school hours. 

3. Parents of Elementary students must complete the pre order form for the Hot lunch meals. The link to the form is shared through the school's weekly Friday Hotline newsletter every two weeks.  

4. Parents must ensure that their children's accounts are topped up. Email reminders will be sent to parents. 

Please check the B'Healthy website  for the menus, prices as well as instructions on how to top-up student & staff accounts. 

For questions related to the cafeteria service or if assistance is needed, please email 


RAS offers a two-way bus service for all students from Pre K — Grade 12 at an additional cost. 

Seats in buses are limited and availability is not guaranteed to all students. Parents must apply for the bus service as soon as they have identified a permanent home address in Rabat. 

Students are assigned buses at the beginning of the school year according to the geographical location of their homes. The development of routes is a complex process. As a general rule, students living furthest away from school will normally be picked up first and dropped off last. Every effort is made to minimize the time that all students spend on the bus. 



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